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    Handling Personal Information

    1. Purpose of use

      To respond to registrations to the Company

    2. Third party provision

      We do not provide other than provision based on laws and regulations.

    3. Consignment of personal information

      When outsourcing personal information, we will evaluate and contract to select an appropriate outsourcing company, and will conduct appropriate supervision to ensure security management.

    4. Disclosure of Personal Information

      If you wish to request disclosure of personal information held by the Company, please contact the following.

    5. Optionality

      If you fail to provide us with your personal information, we may not be able to achieve the purpose of use.

    • Inquiries
    • Career Fit Co., Ltd
    • Person in charge of personal information protection management: Hironao Shiihara
    • Address: 060-0051 Sapporo Shi Chuo-Ku Minami 1 Jo, Higashi 2 Chome 3-2
    • Tel: 011-231-6355 Fax: 011-231-6390
      《Reception Hours: 9:00~18:00》